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Saaid Khojasteh, MD

RoomID: psychbc-skhojasteh

Narissa Marasso, PMHNP

RoomID: marasso

Enos K (EJ) Moss, Jr, RN, MSN, ANP-BC, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: enosmoss

Thripura Thirtala, MD

RoomID: thirtala

Paul B. Simon, DO

RoomID: simon

Christian Hoffman, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: choffman

Leticia Ugarte, MD

Elizabeth Judd, CPNP, PMHS

RoomID: judd

Dawn Garzon, PhD, CPNP-PC, PMHS

RoomID: dgarzon

J. Andrew Adams, PMHNP

RoomID: adams

Jerry Marks, PhD, LCSW

RoomID: marks

Treacy Williams, DNP, APRN, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: twilliams

Rachel Kranz, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: kranz

Oladayo Farodoye, MSN, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: ofarodoye

Kelley Johnson, CPNP, PMHS

RoomID: kelleyjohnson


Ciarra Yancey, LPC

Toni Zvorak, MSW, LCSW

RoomID: azvorak

Mark Hale II, MSW, LMSW

RoomID: mhale

Sheryl Levine, MSW, LCSW

RoomID: slevine

Tammy Kuykendoll, MA, LPC

RoomID: kuykendoll

Bette Weisman, MSW, LCSW

RoomID: weisman

Lori Seulean, LPC

RoomID: lori.seulean

Liza Spielman, MA, LPC

RoomID: spielman

Virginia Eldridge, MA, LPC

RoomID: eldridge

Angel Kramer, MA, LPC

RoomID: akramer

Diane Appal, MA, LPC

RoomID: dappal

Courtney Cox, MS, ATR, LPC, CMP

RoomID: ccox

Lori Browning, MSW, LCSW

RoomID: browning

Laura A. Kern, MA, LPC, NCC

RoomID: lkern

Angie Eschbacher, MA PLPC


Angela Johnson, MA, LPC

RoomID: ajohnson

Art Peasall, MA, LPC

RoomID: apeasall