Our Missouri location offers an Intensive Outpatient Program for Adults ages 18 and up.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Intensive Outpatient Program (which is often abbreviated as IOP) is a treatment option comprised of group therapy led by licensed and experience therapists who specialize in working with adults and various issues. IOP is often used to address addiction, anxiety, depression, panic disorder, Bipolar and Mood Disorders, Trauma, Grief and Loss, Educational/Vocational stressors, etc.
An Intensive Outpatient Treatment program can help you to establish a foundation for long-term recovery while remaining in your local community. These programs are designed to establish support mechanisms to help with management and stabilization of symptoms, provide coping strategies, and help you to begin the process of mending and rebuilding your personal life.

What to expect from IOP

IOP programs include a higher level of care than general outpatient programs, and this means dedicating more time to treatment each week. Patients in IOP programs attend group therapy three times per week, for three hours at a time and meet with a psychiatric provider once a week.

How do I get started in IOP?

Before starting IOP, patients are scheduled for an initial appointment with a licensed therapist. Most insurance plans require prior authorization for IOP services, the licensed therapist will complete a full intake assessment to evaluate if your particular areas of concern meet criteria for IOP level of care and will provide you with this determination and next-steps at the conclusion of the appointment.

Please call our Intake Department for more information and to schedule your IOP Intake Assessment at 636-939-2550