Stephen Baker, LPC

Serving: 21-65, Adult

About Stephen Baker, LPC

My name is Stephen W. Baker M.A., Ed.D, LPC and I have been employed with LifeStance Health since May of 2021. Understanding that our feelings are ours alone, we sometimes require an objective ear to speak to when processing emotional concerns. As a licensed professional counselor, I value open talk-therapy and evaluate and discuss client’s emotions as they see appropriate in the open counseling environment. As a practitioner, I believe that simply needing a calming environment to vent frustrations and or process feelings can be paramount to finding a personal sense of balance and wellness. During the therapy process, emphasis is given to inner reflection, understanding of personal-strengths, supportive behavioral change, and positivity- awareness for anyone seeking emotional relief from life's complexities. I generally work with adult populations and have experience working with the following client concerns: depression, general anxiety, identity issues/support, post-traumatic stress disorder, injury concerns, career transitions, veteran issues/support, relationship issues and substance abuse impairment.



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