Art Peasall, MA, LPC

Provider type: Therapist

Serving: 15+, Adolescents and Adults

About Art Peasall, MA, LPC

Art Peasall, MA,LPC feels privileged to work with anyone over the age of 15 whether in the context of individual, family, or partnership therapy. He has more than a decade of assisting clients challenged with depression, attention deficit and hyperactivity challenges, chronic pain issues, personality disorders, addiction, and spiritual concerns.

As a psychotherapist he found long ago that clients typically seek assistance in three general areas—problems with relationship, problems with trauma, problems with addiction or some combination of the three. It is because of this that he chose to not just specialize in these areas. Moreover, he has labored to choose those evidenced-based practices that best address the client’s integrated nature. We humans are more than just this thing or that thing. We are complex—the sum of our genetic, environmental, social, and cultural heritage, and our accrued experience. As such, we must have our needs viewed holistically—whether cognitive, emotional, spiritual, or physical—and be provided the knowledge and tools to produce love and understanding for self, and the means to access serenity in challenging times.

While he is committed to doing the work to ethically help the client surmount her or his challenge, he cannot do the necessary work for him or her. Because of this, the client must agree to complete assigned homework, whether it be reading, log notation, communication skill practice, guided meditation, or something else. Thank you for taking the time to read my bio, and I look forward to walking with you for a time on your journey.



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